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Brodie - United States

Best iPhone Case Ever!

I recently bought this iPhone case and not only is it an attractive case but it's also super protective for my phone. l've put this case through a lot and it's held up well while looking visually!appealing. Highly recommend!

Leclerc J. - France


An absolutely fabulous phone case brand ! l feel my phone very well protected ! l totally recommend that brand and even more bc they propose great designs.

Hayley l. - United States

I love my case that l got from ITSKINS...

I love my case that l got from ITSKINS it has lasted so long and even after dropping my phone on cement a few times.

Marta M. - Portugal

Wonderful cases

I love lTSKINS because they have great cases for my IPHONE invery models, charecteristics. lt's wonderful!

Leah - United Kingdom

Absolutely love!!

Would highly recommend this company to anyone! The best quality and they come in so many different colours.


HYBRID // STAND available now for iPhone and Samsung

Check out the latest innovation from the ITSKINS development team. A phone stand that doubles as a finger loop and is MagSafe compatible!

The best iPhone 15 Pro cases
Offers superior screen protection
Seriously good durability and drop protection
Looks stunning

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Not only do these cases provide ultimate protection for your phone, but they also have the incredible ability to heal themselves, instantly disappearing any scratches that may occur.

Recycled Polymer

Our custom antimicrobial polymer is made from 100% recycled materials. Improved to have longer lasting anti-yellowing and durability to reduce customer case replacements and waste.

Strong magnets

2X stronger magnets seamlessly embedded between plates superior magnets means better alignment and attachment with MagSafe compatible chargers and accessories.


ITSKINS signature impact absorption technology takes antishock to a whole new level.

Mission Statement

ITSKINS manufactures premium drop protection cases made 100% from recycled materials.

Innovation x Sustainability

Pushing the boundaries of innovations and sustainability, we design cases for everyday use.

We prioritize sustainability in our product design, keeping innovation at the forefront. Our focus is on creating high-quality and durable products that contribute to their long-term sustainability.

Our goal is for each device to have a case that lasts a lifetime. By owning the factory and overseeing every step of the production process, we not only reduce waste but also establish ourselves as a leading brand in the industry known for our innovative approach. Read more.

Sustainable // Innovative // Upcycled // Durable // Recycled

Reduce ♲ Reuse

Upcycled drop protection : ITSKINS cases are largely composed of post-industrial manufacturing scrap, but also include other post-consumer recycled materials.


Delivering carbon neutral tech solutions to 82 countries

About us

At ITSKINS, we believe that innovation is not just a buzzword, but a way of life. It is woven into every thread of our business, from the sustainable materials we use to the revolutionary packaging we create.

With a deep understanding of the ever-evolving needs of the modern consumer, we deliver products that not only protect, but also enhance the user experience.

Our Goal

ITSKINS manufactures premium drop protection cases made from 100% recycled materials. Pushing the boundaries of innovation and sustainability, we design cases for everyday use.

Our goal is to have the most technically innovative product produced in the most environmentally friendly factory in the world.


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