At ITSKINS, we believe that innovation is not just a buzzword, but a way of life.

It is woven into every thread of our business; from the sustainable materials we use to the revolutionary packaging we create.

With a deep understanding of the ever-evolving needs of the modern consumer, we deliver products that not only protect, but also enhance the user experience.



Our proprietary shock absorption technology HEXOTEK® was inspired by the honeycomb.
Honeycomb structures are natural and lightweight by design.
Its space and structure are not just efficient but strong and durable as well.

Scratched instantly disappear


Tired of those pesky scratches ruining the sleek look of your phone case? Say goodbye to the frustration of constantly replacing your phone case with ITSKINS self-healing feature. Available on SUPREME_R // CLEAR

Scratched instantly disappear: Not only do these cases provide ultimate protection for your phone, but they also have the incredible ability to heal themselves, instantly disappearing any scratches that may occur.

Stays looking new:
Magically erases scratches, keeping your case looking brand new, no matter how many times you accidentally drop it.

For everyday life: Stands up to the daily wear and tear of your busy life.

Longer lasting protection: No need for expensive replacements, save  time, money and the environment.

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New 2024! The world best anti-yellowing properties on a 100% recycled polymer.


Experience a new level of protection with the new IMPACTHANE_R 3.0. Our new and improved antimicrobial polymer is embedded into every case, providing continuous defense against harmful viruses and bacteria.

Yellowing test after 6 month

New anti-yellowing properties guarantee long-lasting transparency, so your clear case stays crystal clear for longer.

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Made from recycled materials

Sustainably made to offer reliable protection against accidental drops and impacts. With improved durability, you'll use this case longer, reducing waste caused by frequent replacements.

Reliable shock absorption

With its shock-absorbing features, IMPACTHANE_R offers reliable protection against accidental drops and impacts, safeguarding your device from damage and costly repairs.

Advanced antimicrobial technology

IMPACTHANE_R is a state-of-the-art antimicrobial polymer that provides continuous defense against harmful viruses and bacteria, ensuring a hygienic and germ-free device.

Reduce ♲ Reuse

100% Made of recycled materials

Innovation in materials

Thanks to our GRS Certification, we can source materials from renewable sources and utilize recycled materials in the production processes to reduce the environmental impact of the products. We will continue working with GRS suppliers for eco-friendly source materials.

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Upcycled drop protection

ITSKINS upcycled cases are largely composed of post-industrial manufacturing scrap, but also include other post-consumer recycled materials.

Recycled plastic

Our cases and wall charger housing are made from recycled plastic.

Plastic bottles

ITSKINS PERFORMANCE // SLEEVES and the back of our MagSafe cases are made from post-consumer recycled plastic water bottles.


Made from the fibers of pineapples, this durable leather-like material is used on our watch bands and leather cases.

Fish nets

Our charging cables are made from recycled fishnets making them not only sustainable, but durable too.

2X stronger magnets seamlessly embedded between plates

MAG 2.0

Experience a premium charging experience with MAG 2.0. Our innovative technology features 2x stronger magnets for better attachment and alignment of your MagSafe chargers and accessories. These recycled magnets are embedded between two plates, ensuring a seamless experience.

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2X Stronger magnets

ITSKINS MAG 2.0 technology features 2x stronger magnets for better attachment and alignment of your MagSafe compatible chargers and accessories

Embedded between 2 plates

Provides a smooth and seamless experience, eliminating any possibilities of catching or snagging. The design is lightweight and not bulky, ensuring convenience and ease of use.

Made from recycled magnets

Our premium recycled magnets are embedded between two plates made from recycled water bottles ensuring sustainability without compromising strength.

Wide compatibility

Be confident that your beloved MagSafe accessories will remain firmly attached. Feel at ease using wallets, mounts, kickstands, and other compatible options.

In the sunlight! ☀︎ Changes color

Color changing technology

ITSKINS color changing cases are instantly activated by UV light, revealing vibrant shades of purple, blue, or green, while seamlessly returning to their clear state once you step back indoors; these cutting-edge cases, available in SPECTRUM // MOOD and HYBRID // MOOD with MagSafe, are not only visually stunning but also environmentally conscious as they are crafted from 100% recycled materials.

Technology meets style: This is not just any clear case, they are your personal fashion statements that come alive in the sun.

Activate the magic: With the power of UV light, these extraordinary cases instantly transform into vibrant shades of purple, blue, and green when exposed to sunlight.

Back to clear: As soon as you step back indoors, it seamlessly transitions back to being crystal clear. It's like having 2 cases in 1.

A commitment to sustainability: Not only cutting-edge but also eco-friendly. Crafted from 100% recycled materials.

Now with MagSafe®: Now available in HYBRID and MagSafe compatible, giving you the convenience and functionality you need without compromising style or protection.

Camera bay and screen protection

Added protection for all those camera lenses

With our commitment to innovation, we continue to push the boundaries of design and construction, offering even more advanced features that protect your screen and camera lenses from potential scratches caused by placing your device on hard surfaces

Camera bay protection

Precision cut to fit your device, we now offer full camera bay protection to keep dust and dirt away from your camera lenses.

Advanced raised edges

Our innovative design lifts your device away from hard surfaces, ensuring that your screen and camera stay safe and scratch-free.

Are you tired of cases that make pushing buttons feel disappointingly mushy?

Ultra-responsive buttons

ITSKINS cases are here to revolutionise your smartphone experience with our ultra-responsive and tactile buttons that offer a satisfying feel with every push

Ultra-responsive buttons are included with every ITSKINS cases.

Tactile feel

Experience a whole new level of ease and convenience. Each push brings a gratifying click feel enhancing every interaction with your device.

Texture surface

Makes finding the buttons a breeze.