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From Watches to Tablets

Protecting a Range of Devices

INTRODUCING OUR NEW HEXOTEK 3.0 TECHNOLOGY. With over 4 years of development our team pushed the boundaries of engineering to make our shock absorbing technology not just slimmer but also twice as effective.

Dual layers advance impact resistance

Our honeycomb shock absorbing technology now features has DUAL HEXOTEK LAYERS for the most effective shock protection on the market.

Impact Resistance

Hexotek uses a honeycomb lattice to create micro air pockets that act like shock absorbers to protect from impact. A second honeycomb layer has been added to provide even more protection by creating a two-stage shock transfer and dissipation response the the force of impact - with no increase in thickness.

First Layer

initial impact absorption

Second Layer

channels the force through the case

Patented Technology and Design

Hexotek’s advanced materials, technologies and processes continually raise the bar for ultimate device protection while achieving the slimmest profile possible.

To maintain top performance, we combine our technology with the best:


Antimicrobial Defense

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