Transparent Manufacturing


The Extreme Sport of Case Design

Making cases is an extreme sport. Hear us out! It’s an extreme sport that requires razor-sharp focus, a support team, and the latest gear. Sure, physical risk is low (we have a strong safety culture), but if we perform badly we may not come back next season.

That’s why quality comes first in our core values. We hustle hard to sustain it at the highest competitive level.

We hustled to get our ISO 9001 certification. This is given only to businesses who can show they have complete control of their supply chain, implement safe production practices, and have processes in place for continuous quality improvement.

You’re only as good as your suppliers

It all begins with our supply chain.

Every manufacturer of every input that goes into the creation of our cases was carefully vetted and handpicked by us. We searched long and hard to find the suppliers who could meet our high standards and who were also ISO 9001 certified.

Take the raw material for our cases. Our factory is located in China, but we import the raw materials from a French supplier. They have proven they can consistently meet our quality and sustainability requirements.

Our Own Factory = Complete Control

Our cases are produced in our own factory. Not many brands can say that. It's the biggest piece of gear we own. We wouldn't be here without it.

The control we gain by owning our own factory not only powers our
ability to rapidly innovate, it has allowed us to radically reduce our
environmental impact. We’ve installed dedicated in-house recycling
equipment as well as air and water filtering technology.

Beware the Middle Men

Because we are the original manufacturer of our own cases there are no “middle men” inflating the cost or misleading consumers about quality, safety, environmental impact, and so on.

The absence of “middle men” is why ITSKINS can keep prices lower while providing cases made of the highest quality virgin and recycled materials with the lowest environmental impact (often carbon neutral and zero waste) by staff that are treated with respect.

Taking care of our people and providing them with the best working
conditions is our most important responsibility. We take it seriously.
[Seriously enough to also be BSCI certified].

Even if it doesn’t sound like an extreme sport to you, it sure feels like one to us.

When we started ITSKINS we wanted to forge our own path in design, development and manufacturing.

It took a few years, a factory, and a team of 250, but our cases are changing what people think is possible.

Design and protection at the highest level, created by our dedication to quality, powered by our passion, delivered by pure hustle.